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Writing - Sumerian texts in museums around the world

2 - Anu as Alalu's cup-bearer, Hittite Tale

Alalu 1st Alien Giant to Land on Earth, Anu’s Rival for Kingship

Writing - Cuneiform texts discovered

3b - Enki image

Ea / Enki #3 Ranking God, King Anu’s Eldest & Wisest Son, Fashioned the Worker-Race

Enki’s Family Descendants Are On This Column

7a - giant Anu meets Earthling Hi-brids

Assembly of the Gods – 12 Highest Ranking Royal Family Members of The Anunnaki Giants Stationed On Earth Colony

Mulmul of 12: The Sacred Number of 12 – Base of 12 Used By The Anunnaki, Later Heavily Used By Earthlings


3b - Anu of planet Nibiru

An / Anu – #1 Ranking God, King of the Anunnaki, Father in Heaven to the “Sons of God” that “Came Down”

Ninhursag / Ninmah #8 Ranking Goddess, Mother to Enlil’s Son & Royal Heir Ninurta, “Creator Goddess” of “Modern Man” as Their Chief Medical Scientist


Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–”

Index of the Mesopotamian Gods – 255 Names for the Gods & Goddesses, A “Who’s Who” of The Anunnaki Giants on Earth Colony

148 Named Minor Gods, Quotes From Texts

46 Top Minor Anunnaki Gods; Slide-Shows & Texts



Enlil / Zeus- #2 Ranking God, Son & Heir to Anu’s Crown, Born of The “Double-Seed”, Earth Colony Commander

Enlil’s Family Descendants Are On This Column

Marduk / Bel – Eldest Son & Heir to Enki, Unhappy With Enlil & His Family Running Things, Wars Between Gods Begin, Earthlings Forced Into War For Their Patron God

   (Modern Pic, Not Authentic Artifact)

Time-Line of The Gods on Earth – (by Zecharia Sitchin)


Ninurta / Ningirsu Son & Heir to Enlil, Born of The “Double-Seed”, Symbolized by The Double-Headed Eagle

Nergal / Erra – Son to Enki, Some Texts Son to Enlil, He & Spouse Ereshkigal are Lords of The Under World / Netherworld / Hades


Ancient Astronauts, Shems, Sky-Discs, Sky-Gods, Sky-Chariots, Rockets, Missiles, Bomb, Etc., Slide-Show


Bau / Gula – 2nd Daughter to King Anu, Ninurta’s Spouse & Aunt, Doctor of The Gods, Warden to The “Black-Headed” Earthlings

3b - Enki & Gibil Mining

Gibil – Son to Enki, God of The Kilns, Fashioner of Metals Forged in Fire, Smelter of Gold Mined for the Igigi Gods to Take Back to Their Planet, Nibiru

Winged Sky-Discs & Winged Gods – Pilots Of Flight, Slide-Show


Nanna / Nannar – #4 Ranking God, 2nd Son to Enlil, Symbolized as The Moon God, Patron to Ancient City of Ur

Ningishzidda / ThothAmazing Son To Ninazu & Ningirida, OR… Son to Ereshkigal & Enki, Architect Of Earth’s Monument Wonders; DNA Specialist, Symbolized by Entwined Serpents, As Todays Medical Symbol; Olmec, Mayan, & Aztec Founder-God

Genesis 1:26 “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”

Giants of Mesopotamia, — “This giant‘s form the gods have surely made ”– …”when the black-headed were blessed with long life”

Adad / Ishkur – #7 Ranking God, 3rd Son to Enlil, Appointed as 1st Canal Controller, “Thunder God” to Many Cultures

DumuziTammuz the Shepherd – Son to Enki & Ninsun, 1st Spouse to Young Inanna, Later Killed by Drowning, Inanna Blamed Marduk for Her Loss


Planet Nibiru / “Heaven” – Home of God The Father – King Anu; The 12th Star in Our Solar System, & The 7th Heaven / Star Out From Planet Earth, Slide-Show

UtuShamash – #5 Ranking Royal Prince on Earth Colony, Eldest Son to Nannar, Twin Brother to Inanna, Commander of The Space Ports

AshurAssur – Eldest Son of Twins & Heir to Marduk, Joined Marduk in Many Battles Against Cousin Aliens, Later Killed by Twin Seth Attempting to Unify Upper & Lower Egypt


From Man’s Basics to Beyond – (A-L); Modern Technological Advancements, 1st in Sumer With All Known Things, Slide-Show & Texts

InannaIshtar – #6 Ranking Goddess, Nannar’s Daughter, Goddess of Love & War, Symbolized as 8-Pointed-Star of Venus

4a - Seth, Marduk's son, Osiris' brother

Set / Seth – 2nd Son to Marduk, Killed Older Twin Brother Ashur / Osiris, Later Horus Revenged His Father’s Death Losing An Eye in the Battle


From Man’s Basics to Beyond – (M-Z); Modern Technological Advancements, 1st in Sumer With All Known Things, Slide-Show & Texts

2 - Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal Daughter to Nannar, Some Texts She’s King Anu’s Daughter, Proclaimed the “Queen of the Nether World / Under World / Lower World”, Etc., Nergal’s Spouse

2bb - god Nabu & US Army

NabuNebo 3rd & Only Surviving Son to Marduk, Fought Many Battles With Father Marduk Against Enlil’s Descendants, Nabu Lived in Borsippa, the Location of Marduk’s Tower of Babel

1st City-States & Kings of Mesopotamia – Prior The Great Flood, Slide-Shows & Texts:

Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children (semi-divines) by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” (the 1st kings on Earth were in Mesopotamia)

. Nippur – Enlil’s Patron City-State

. Eridu – Enki’s Patron City-State

. Bad-tibera – Dumuzi’s Patron City-State

. Sippar – Utu’s Patron City-State

. Shuruppak – Ninlil’s Patron City-State

2 - Ninsun, mother to mixed-breed kings

NinsunLama – Daughter to Ninurta, Mother to Alien Gods & to Mixed-Breed Kings, Espoused “Mighty-Man” Lugalbanda, a Mixed-Breed King of Uruk, Ninsun Lived in Uruk


Symbols of The Gods – Anu’s Royal Descendants Under Enlil, Slide-Shows


Anu & His 1st Generation Offspring, Slide-Shows:


Anu’s 2nd Generation Royal Offspring Under Enlil, Slide-Show:

Anu’s 3rd Generation Offspring Under Enlil, Slide-Shows:



1e - Horon-Horus & Gibil's Gift, Winged Sandals

Horus – With Grand-Uncle Ningishzidda’s Help, Horus Miraculously Came Forth As Son to Deceased Osiris & His Spouse Isis, Horus Lost an Eye in Combat With Uncle Seth, Avenging Father Ashur’s Death



 Symbols of Planet Nibiru & The King – Anu, Slide-Shows

Symbols of The Gods – Anu’s Royal Descendants Under Enki, Slide-Shows


Anu’s 2nd Generation Offspring Under Enki, Slide-Shows:

Anu’s 3rd, etc. Generation Offspring Under Enki Slde-Shows


1st City-States & Kings of Mesopotamia – Following The Great Flood, Slide-Shows & Texts:

Genesis 3:22 “And the Lord God said, The man has become like one of Us, knowing good & evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

. Kish – Ninhursag’s Patron City-State

, Isin – Bau’s Patron City-State

. Lagash / Shirpurla Ninurta’s Patron City-State

. Nimrud – Ninurta’s Patron City-State

. Ur / Urim – Nannar’s Patron City-State, Home of Biblical Abraham & His Father Terah

. Larsa – Utu’s Patron City-State

. Akkad – Adad’s Patron Realm-State

. Uruk – Anu’s, Then Inanna’s Patron City-State

. Babylon – Marduk’s Patron City-State

. Assyria – Ashur’s Patron Realm-State

. Assur – Ashur’s Namesake City-State

. Borsippa – Nabu’s Patron City-State