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Writing - Sumerian texts in museums around the world

2 - Anu as Alalu's cup-bearer, Hittite Tale

Alalu – 1st Alien Giant to Land on Earth, Running From Anu’s Justice After Assassinating Prior Nibiru King, He Was Anu’s Rival, Buried on Mars in Tomb With His Face Carved into a Monument There

Writing - Cuneiform texts discovered

3b - Enki image

Enki – #3 Ranking Anunnaki God, Anu’s Eldest & Wisest Son, Alalu’s Son-in-Law by Arranged Marriage to Unite Nibiru, God of Waters, Fashioned “Adapa“, “Modern Man” into Their Image & into Their Likeness, As Their Replacement Workers,

Enki’s Family Descendants are on This Column

7a - giant Anu meets Earthling Hi-brids

1e - procession-lg

1h - Relief at Maltaya

 Mulmul of 12, Sacred Number of the Anunnaki


The Anunnaki Index – 161 Names for The Gods & Goddesses, A “Who’s Who” of The Anunnaki Gods on Earth Colony


3b - Anu of planet Nibiru

Anu – #1 Ranking God-King of Heaven / Nibiru & Earth Colony, He Sits Beyond The Gates of Heaven, “God the Father” to The “Sons of God” that “Came Down From Heaven” & Colonized the Earth, Uruk Was Anu’s City When Visiting Earth Colony

2b - Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer

Ninhursag – #8 Ranking Goddess, Anu’s Eldest Daughter, Enki’s Twin, Mother to Enlil’s Heir Ninurta, & Many Other Gods & Goddesses With Enki, Chief Medical Scientist, DNA Expert, “Creator Goddess” With Enki & Ningishzidda of “Modern Man”, the Workers

Assembly of the Gods, 12 Royal Anunnaki Family Members





2 - Enlil, chief god of All On Earth

Enlil – #2 Ranking God & Heir to Father Anu’s Nibiru Crown, Born of The “Double-Seed” on Nibiru, Earth Colony’s Commander, His Decisions are Final, Nippur Was His City & Command Central, His is the 7-Pointed Star Symbol of Earth, Enlil “Brought Kingship Down From Heaven to Earth”, Bringer of Noah’s Flood to End Enki’s Mixed-Breed Workers & Animal Experiments

Enlil’s Family Descendants Are on This Column

Marduk – Eldest Son & Heir to Enki, Has No Ranking #, Born on Nibiru, Unhappy With Enlil & His Descendants Running Things on Earth Colony Instead of His Father Enki, Marduk & His Descendants, Instigated Many Wars Between The Gods Under Enki Against Those Under Enlil, Using Earthlings to Fight The Wars, Babylon & Egypt Were His Powerfully Advanced Civilizations, 1st to Teach Mankind of the “After-Life” With His Own Hand, The Egyptian “Book Of The Dead”


42 Minor Gods Serving the Royal Family of the Anunnaki, Slide-Show, Quotes, & Texts


2bb - Ninurta, Enlil's heir to Nibiru & Earth Colony

Ninurta – Heir to Heaven & Earth Colony, Born of Two Royal Parents Enlil & Enlil’s 1/2  Sister Ninhursag, Both are Children of King Anu, Therefore by Anunnaki Law, Prince Ninurta The “Double-Seed” – Becomes Next King, Symbolized by The Double-Headed Eagle, Lagash was His City, Ninurta Taught Cain to Farm & Established Cain’s Tribe in China, East of Eden With “The Mark of God”, No Facial Hairs-Beards

2b - Nergal, god of the Underworld

Nergal – Son to Enki, God of the Under World / Netherworld, Etc., Spouse to Ereshkigal, Nergal Joined Cousins Ninurta & Inanna in Waging Nuclear War Against Brother Marduk & His Sons Ashur & Nabu, 7 Previously Forbidden Nukes Were Launched for 1st Time on Earth, All of Mesopotamia was Affected With Deadly Fall-Out Aftermath, Ending Sumer, the 1st Great Advanced Civilization


Earth’s 1st Ancient Cities & Kings of Sumer, “Men of Renown” / “Mighty-Men” / Giants, Slide-Show & Texts

Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”


1c - Gula, Anu's daughter, Ninurta's spouse

Bau – 2nd Most Powerful Daughter to Anu, Ninurta’s Spouse & Aunt, Doctor of The Gods & The “Black-Headed” Earthlings, Prison Warden, Usually Depicted With Guard Dog, Her City was Isin, Her Son Damu Was Also a Medical Doctor


Ninagal, Enki’s Son Who Assisted Noah, The Mixed-Breed Son-King of Enki, Survive The Great Flood, Ninagal Gathered & Stored Earth’s “Clean”, Non-Hybrid, Animals’ Life’s-Essence, Reproductive DNA, & Plant Seeds, Etc., He Stored Them Into a Vessel Submersible, Attempt to Restore Life Against Enlil’s Orders


Gods & Kings, The Giants of Sumer Slide-Show & Texts

Genesis 3:22 “And the Lord God said, The man has become like one of Us, knowing good & evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 


3aa - Nanna & his symbol

Nannar – #4 Ranking God, 2nd Son to Enlil, Symbolized as The “Moon Crescent God”, Born on Earth Colony, Patron God of the Advanced City of Ur, Raised Cows & Sheep, Known as El to The Biblical Heroes Terah, & Sons Abraham & Lot, Terah was The High-Priest of Nannar, Proclaimed to be Nannar’s Assistant Inside His Temple – Residence in Ur, HIS HOUSE SHOWN ON TOP OF THE PAGE

3b - Enki & Gibil Mining

Gibil – Son to Enki, God of The Fiery Kilns, Fashioner of Metals Forged in Fire, Managed the Burdensome Work Digging in the Gold Mines, Etc., Metals Smelted in Sumer, Space-Trucked  Back Home to Nibiru by Way of Mars, Gibil Fashioned for His Grand-Nephew Horus “Winged Sandals”, to Run Across the Sky



Ancient Astronauts, Shems, Sky-Discs, Rockets, Sky-Gods, Etc. Slide-Show




1b - Ishkur, Adad, Teshub

Adad – #7 Ranking Giant Anunnaki God, 3rd Son to Enlil, Born on Earth Colony, Appointed the 1st Canal Controller, The “Thunder God” to Many Cultures Over Thousands of Years, Usually Depicted With His High-Tech Weapons the Hammer & Lightning Bolts, Adad’s Main Domain of Power was Akkad – Agade, Adad & Others had “Sex With The Daughters of Men”, Becoming Father to Giant Mixed-Breed King Ur-Ningirsu & His Descendant-King Amar-Suen Bur-Suen

Figurine of a god mounted on a chariot. His crown is in the shape of a coiled snake. From Susa,Iran. Copper, H: 15,7 cm Sb 2824

Ningishzidda – Son to Enki & Ereshkigal, Architect of Many Earth Monument Wonders, DNA Specialist, His is The Entwined Serpent Symbol, Todays DNA Symbol, He Assisted Enki & Ninhursag fashioning “Modern Man”, Into Their Image & Into Their Likeness, Well Known as Thoth in Egypt, God of Knowledge, Then Dismissed by Brother Marduk From Egypt, Ningishzidda Established the Olmecs & the Mayans in the Yucatan


Winged Giant Anunnaki Gods On Earth Colony Capable Of Flight Slide-Show



2a - Utu, Shamash, twin to Inanna

Utu – #5 Ranking Anunnaki Prince on Earth Colony,  Eldest Son to Nannar, Patron God to His City of Sippar Located on the Euphrates River, Responsible for Establishing Launch & Landing Zones for Enlil, Utu, The Original Sun God, When Father Nannar Retired Ill, Utu Inherited Becoming The Moon Crescent God, Still Worshiped Today, by a Billion +, Utu Had Sex With “The Daughters of Men” & Produced Giant Mixed-Breed Uruk King Meshkiaggasher & Descendant-Kings, Utu is Inanna’s Older Twin Brother

3l - Ashur hovering above

Ashur – Eldest Son & Heir to Marduk, Ashur is the Patron God of Assyria, He Had His Own Personal Flying Sky-Disc, Ashur Depicted Many Times in His Sky-Disc Hovering Over His Appointed King, He gave His Assyrian Kings High-Tech “Mighty Weapons” to Eradicate any Enemies, called Orien / Osiris in Egypt, Espoused Isis, With Ningishzidda’s Help, Osiris & Isis Brought Forth Son Horus, Osiris was Previously Killed by His Twin Brother Seth


From Man’s Basics to Beyond Modern Technological Advancements – 1st in Sumer With All Known Things (A-L) Slide-Show & Texts


From Man’s Basics to Beyond Modern Technological Advancements – 1st in Sumer With All Known Things (M-Z) Slide-Show & Texts


1b - Inanna Dressed with the 7 ME's

Inanna – #6 Ranking Goddess, Nannar’s Daughter, Spouse to Dumuzi Who was Later Killed, Lived in Uruk, She was Given the Indus Valley, The Goddess of Love & War, Hers is The 8-Pointed Star Symbol of Venus, the 8th Planet When Entering into Our Solar System, Mother to Shara Cupid, Spouse to Several Early Giant Mixed-Breed Kings, Etana, Gilgamesh, Sargon, Etc.

4a - Seth, Marduk's son, Osiris' brother

Seth – 2nd Son to Marduk, in a Jealous Rage He Killed His Older Twin Brother Ashur / Osiris, Seth Was Later Killed by His Avenging Nephew Horus, the Son to Ashur / Osiris Who Lost an Eye in Their Deadly Battle for Dominance, Or Horus’ Revenge, His Symbol of “One Eye” / The “All Seeing Eye” Is Used in the US & Other Governments


Planet Nibiru, The 12th Star in Our Solar System Slide-Show


2 - Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal Eldest Daughter to Nannar, in Some Texts She is Anu’s Daughter, & Enlil’s & Enki’s Sister, Was Granted Her Own Domain, Established as The “Queen of the “Lower World”, Under World”, “Netherworld”, Etc., Ereshkigal is Spouse to Nergal, Older Sister to Inanna & Utu, Mother to Enki’s Son Ningishzidda, & Many Other Gods That Accompany Her on Her Throne in the “Under World”

2bb - god Nabu & US Army

Nabu 3rd & Only Surviving Son to Marduk, He Fought Many Battles for Marduk Against His RIval Cousins / Enlil’s Descendants, Nabu’s 6-Pointed Star Symbol Assigned to Mars / the 6th Planet When Entering into Our Solar System, Nabu & Father Marduk Originally in Charge of Mars Way-Station, Warehousing, & Space Trucking Gold, Etc. Headed From Earth to Mars  to Home Planet Nibiru

2 - Ninsun, mother to mixed-breed kings

Ninsun – Daughter to Ninurta, Mother to Giant Anunnaki Aliens Dumuzi, Geshtinana, Etc., & to Many Mixed-Breeds Alike, Espoused “Mighty-Man” Lugalbanda, a Mixed-Breed King of Uruk, They Had Giant Mixed-Breed Sons Whom Enlil Appointed to be Kings, Gilgamesh, Ur-Nammu, Gudea, Etc.

1e - Horon-Horus & Gibil's Gift, Winged Sandals

Horus – With Ningishzidda’s Help, He Miraculously Came Forth, Born the Son to Deceased Osiris & Isis, Horus Lost an Eye in Combat With Uncle Seth, Horus Became the New Heir to Marduk’s Egypt, & Possibly the US, His Symbol The “Eye of Horus is used by the US Govt, Masonic Groups, & by Corporations Owned by Masons, Etc.