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Welcome to Home Page… (Where History & Modern Man Began)… GIANTS OF SUMER / AKKAD / ASSYRIA / BABYLON / UNDER WORLD & MORE

Writing - Sumerian texts in museums around the world

2 - Anu as Alalu's cup-bearer, Hittite Tale

Alalu – 1st Alien Giant to Land on Earth, Running From Anu’s Justice After Assassinating Prior Nibiru King, Anu’s Rival, Buried on Mars in Tomb With His Face Carved into Monument, the “Face on Mars”

Writing - Cuneiform texts discovered

3b - Enki image

Enki – #3 Ranking God, Alien King Anu’s Eldest & Wisest Son, Fashioned the Worker-Race Beginning With Adapa, a “Modern Man” DNA Manipulated into His Image & Likeness, Enki Lived in Eridu

Enki’s Family Descendants are on This Column

7a - giant Anu meets Earthling Hi-brids

1e - procession-lg

1h - Relief at Maltaya

 Mulmul of 12, Sacred Number of the Anunnaki


The Anunnaki Index – 161 Names for The Gods & Goddesses, A “Who’s Who” of The Anunnaki Gods on Earth Colony


3b - Anu of planet Nibiru

Anu – #1 Ranking God-King of Heaven / Nibiru & Earth Colony, “God the Father” to the “Sons of God” that “Came Down From Heaven” & “Had Sex With Daughters of Men”, Anu Lived in Uruk When Visiting Earth Colony

2b - Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer

Ninhursag – #8 Ranking Goddess, Anu’s Eldest Daughter, Enki’s Twin, Mother to Enlil’s Son & Royal Heir Ninurta, & to Many Other Gods & Goddesses With Enki, DNA Expert, “Creator Goddess” of “Modern Man” / “Workers”, Ninhursag Lived in Kish

Assembly of the Gods, 12 Royal Anunnaki Family Members




2 - Enlil, chief god of All On Earth

Enlil – #2 Ranking God & Heir to Father Anu’s Alien Crown, Born of The “Double-Seed” on Nibiru, Earth Colony’s Commander, His Decisions are Final, Enlil “Brought Kingship Down From Heaven to Earth”, Bringer of Noah’s Flood”, Enlil Lived in Nippur

Enlil’s Family Descendants Are on This Column

Marduk – Eldest Son & Heir to Enki, Born on Nibiru, Unhappy With Enlil & His Descendants Running Things on Earth Colony, Not Father Enki, Instigated Many Wars Between The Cousin Gods Using Earthling Armies, Marduk Lived in Babylon


42 Minor Gods Serving the Royal Family of the Anunnaki, Slide-Show, Quotes, & Texts


2bb - Ninurta, Enlil's heir to Nibiru & Earth Colony

Ninurta – Heir to Heaven / Nibiru & Earth Colony, Following King Anu & Enlil, Born of The “Double-Seed”, Symbolized by The Double-Headed Eagle, He Espoused His Aunt Bau, Ninurta Lived in Lagash

2b - Nergal, god of the Underworld

Nergal – Son to Enki, In Some Texts Son to Enlil, Joined Cousins Ninurta & Inanna in Waging Wars Against Marduk & His Sons, Nergal & Spouse Ereshkigal Lived in The Under World / Hades


Earth’s 1st Ancient Cities & Kings of Sumer, “Men of Renown” / “Mighty-Men” / Giants, Slide-Show & Texts

Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”


1c - Gula, Anu's daughter, Ninurta's spouse

Bau – 2nd Most Powerful Daughter to King Anu, Ninurta’s Spouse & Aunt, Doctor of The Gods & The “Black-Headed” Earthlings, Also Prison Warden, Bau Lived in Isin


Ninagal, Enki’s Son Who Assisted Noah Survive The Great Flood Caused by Enlil, Enki’s Successful Attempt to Restore Life on Earth Against Enlil’s Orders


Gods & Kings, The Giants of Sumer Slide-Show & Texts

Genesis 3:22 “And the Lord God said, The man has become like one of Us, knowing good & evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” 


3aa - Nanna & his symbol

Nannar – #4 Ranking God, 2nd Son to Enlil, Symbolized as the “Moon Crescent God”, Biblical Abraham’s Father Terah Was the High-Priest of Nannar, Nannar Lived in Ur, HIS HOUSE SHOWN ON TOP OF THIS PAGE

3b - Enki & Gibil Mining

Gibil – Son to Enki, God of The Kilns, Fashioner of Metals Forged in Fire, Managed the Alien Digging in the Gold Mines, Gibil Fashioned for His Grand-Nephew Horus “Winged Sandals”, to Run Across the Sky



Ancient Astronauts, Shems, Sky-Discs, Rockets, Sky-Gods, Etc. Slide-Show



1b - Ishkur, Adad, Teshub

Adad – #7 Ranking God, 3rd Son to Enlil, Appointed as 1st Canal Controller, “Thunder God” to Many Cultures, Equipped With Alien Weaponry, His Magic Hammer & Thunderous Lightning Bolts, Adad & Other Sons of God Had “Sex With Daughters of Men”, Adad Lived in Agade / Akkad

Ningishzidda – Son to Enki, Architect of Many Earth Monument Wonders, DNA Specialist, His Symbol is Winged Crowned Royal Staff With 2 Entwined Serpents, Todays DNA Symbol, Assisted in fashioning “Modern Man”, Ningishzidda Established the Olmecs & the Mayans in the Yucatan


Winged Giant Anunnaki Gods On Earth Colony Capable Of Flight Slide-Show



2a - Utu, Shamash, twin to Inanna

Utu – #5 Ranking Alien Royal Prince on Earth Colony, Eldest Son to Nannar, Twin Brother to Inanna, Commander of Their Space Ports, He Cut Launch / Landing Pads into Mountains, Original Sun God, Utu Lived in Sippar

3l - Ashur hovering above

Ashur – Eldest Son & Heir to Marduk, Leading From the Front, Ashur Joined Marduk in Many Battles Against Cousin Aliens, Depicted Many Times in Sky-Disc Hovering Over His Appointed King, God of Assyria, Ashur Lived in Assur, then “Lower Egypt”


From Man’s Basics to Beyond Modern Technological Advancements – 1st in Sumer With All Known Things (A-L) Slide-Show & Texts


From Man’s Basics to Beyond Modern Technological Advancements – 1st in Sumer With All Known Things (M-Z) Slide-Show & Texts


1b - Inanna Dressed with the 7 ME's

Inanna – #6 Ranking Goddess, Nannar’s Daughter Goddess of Love & War, Spouse to Several Early Giant Mixed-Breed Kings, Warring Constantly Against Marduk, Symbolized as 8-Pointed-Star / Venus, Inanna Lived in Uruk

4a - Seth, Marduk's son, Osiris' brother

Seth – 2nd Son to Marduk, in Jealous Rage He Killed Older Twin Brother Ashur / Osiris, Later Horus Revenged His Father’s Death, Losing an Eye in Battle, Seth Lived in Father Marduk’s “Upper Egypt”, the Southern Egyptian Empire


Planet Nibiru, The 12th Star in Our Solar System Slide-Show


2 - Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal Eldest Daughter to Nannar, Some Texts She is King Anu’s Daughter & Enlil’s & Enki’s Sister, Ereshkigal Was Granted Her Own Domain, Proclaimed the “Queen of the Nether World / Under World / Lower World”, Etc., Ereshkigal is Nergal’s Spouse, They & Offspring Lived in the Under World

2bb - god Nabu & US Army

Nabu 3rd & Only Surviving Son to Marduk, Fought Many Battles With Father Marduk Against Enlil’s Descendants, Nabu & Marduk Were Originally in Charge of the Igigi on Mars, Alien Way-Station for Gods, Gold, Etc. Headed From Earth to Mars to Home Planet Nibiru, & Back, Nabu Lived in Borsippa, the Location of Marduk’s Tower of Babel

2 - Ninsun, mother to mixed-breed kings

Ninsun – Daughter to Ninurta, Mother to Alien Gods & to Mixed-Breed Kings, Espoused “Mighty-Man” Lugalbanda, a Mixed-Breed King of Uruk, They Had Many Giant Mixed-Breed Sons, Appointed to Kingships by the Gods, Ninsun Lived in Uruk

1e - Horon-Horus & Gibil's Gift, Winged Sandals

Horus – With Grand-Uncle Ningishzidda’s Help, Horus Miraculously Came Forth As Son to Deceased Osiris & His Spouse Isis, Horus Lost an Eye in Combat With Uncle Seth, Avenging Father Ashur’s Death, Horus Lived in & Became a Main Living God of Egypt