A šir-gida to Martu (Martu A)

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(gods in blue)

4g-a-song-of-praise-to-amurru (ancient cuneiform Song of Praise to Martu, royal prince son to King Anu)

1-12. Hero, august youth, who completely controls the distant mountains as far as their borders!

Martu, august youth, who completely controls the distant mountains as far as their borders,

who possesses the strength of a savage lion, who occupies a holy dais in the mountains, the pure place!

4e - Martu, Utu, Lama, & Ereshkigal

                     (Martu atop ziggurat / temple, giant mixed-breed king, king’s goddess mother Ninsun, & Nannar, patron god of Ur)     

Martu, who possesses the strength of a savage lion, who occupies a holy dais in the mountains,

the pure place, who is imbued with great fearsomeness, whom holy An (Anu) engendered,

who appears gloriously with numerous divine powers (alien technologies)!

2b - Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer (King Anu’s daughter Ninhursag, mother to major gods, fashioner of the “black-headed” earthlings)

His own mother Ninḫursaĝa (Ninhursag) made his form excel Medim-ša’s

so that no one should threaten him.

The Anuna (Anunnaki), the great gods, enhanced his strength with warrior qualities,

and spoke favorably to him.

They invested (?) him with authority that accompanies him in battle like a coat of armor,

08-02-14/57   (Martu, god of primitive earthlings called the “Martu , & Utu, both are gods of the mountains)

…… to him mace, divine weapon (alien technologies), a great bow, arrows and quiver in his august hands,

made his divinity magnificently perfect, and let him …… no adversaries.

13-20. He rears up, he …… the fields.

He is greatly august, possessing the strength of a lion, …….

He is endowed with fearsomeness like a raging lion.

Like a rampant wild bull, …….

He grasps the seven winds, makes fire ……, subduing all in battle and fight, …… like lightning.

Acute fear of him seizes all the wicked, …… a southerly storm.

The strength ebbs away from the city that he has cursed.

21-32. For the king, he annihilates all enemy lands that are not compliant to him.

 4 - Martu & king       3b - Anu of planet Nibiru

       (Martu  & a giant mixed-breed king         An / Anu, god the father to offspring sent to establish Earth Colony)

Martu, the son of An, extends a hand to the good shepherd whom he has chosen in his holy heart.

His name is an august and ineffable name.

No one …….

The god with hands pure from purification rites, whose divine powers are resplendent divine powers,

annihilates (alien technologies) evil and violence, and sets justice in their place.

3a-anu-in-flight (King Anu in his sky-disc)

His father who inspired him, his own father (Anu), the lord (King) of the gods,

the prince who decides destinies, handed the distant sky and the broad earth to this savage god

who gives just verdicts, who is knowledgeable in decision-making, an adviser; and he let him have no rivals.

He presented to him the pure hills, the lapis-lazuli mountains;

he presented to him the Martu lands, the lapis-lazuli mountains.

 4d - unknown, Martu, & Utu3-martu-giant-alien-god-of-the-martu-lands-earthling

                   (king Gilgamesh        Martu         Utu)                                    (giant alien god Martu & his primitive “Martu” earthling)

33-48. He is a lion-headed hero; he is the king’s helper in battle …….

The just man on whom he has returned a …… verdict prays constantly to him.

With the scepter he leads …… to him, and has …… far away.

He makes good …… come out of the …….

He sets calves in …… his great ……. …… in cow-pens and sheepfolds …….

He makes fish and birds ……, and makes fresh fruit grow.

In the house in which the king …… silver, he ensures that it never ceases.

He exceeds ……, and decides great destinies.

…… he keeps guard over …….

In the river he causes …… to be available — he drinks the fresh water that it brings.

In the fields he produces …… for him — he eats the grain that they bring.

He makes …… increase in abundance for him.

He is hostile to those who …….

His mind …… is reliable speech, and his exterior …… is glory.

49-59. He does not alter …… for the king, and prolongs his …… days.

       He hands him the staff for his right hand, and to his side he ties the mace that guides the thousands.

1 line unclear

He sets the king’s feet in a well-ordered position (?), and causes him to have no opponents (?).

Mankind also address him …… in the view of his god.

…… him whom in his kindly heart he has called to kingship.

All day long the protective goddess of justice stands unceasingly by his right side.

In holy songs musicians sing of him — the dearly cherished one,

the god, the man of the hills, renowned everywhere — and promote his name gloriously.

4ca-martu-unknown-gods-above-babylonian-king-scene-below1 - Martu - Amurru, spouse to Utu's daughter Adjar-kidug (giant alien god Martu)

Martu, son of An, it is sweet to praise you!

60. A šir-gida of Martu.