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Genesis 10:8-12,

And Cush (Kish) begat Nimrod:

he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

He was a mighty hunter before the Lord:

wherefore it is said,

Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord.

And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel,

and Erech (Uruk), and Accad (Akkad), and Calneh,

in the land of Shinar (Sumer).

Out of that land went forth Asshur (Ashur / Osiris),

and builded Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth,

and Calah, and Resen between Nineveh and Calah:

the same is a great city …


Ezekiel 32:22-23

There are Assur and all his company:

         all his slain have been laid there:

         and their burial is in the depth of the pit,

         and his company are set around about his tomb:

         all the slain that fell by the sword,

         who had caused the fear of them

         to be upon the land of the living …”

Here is what the Bible Knowledge Commentary has to say about Nimrod, the post-flood world’s first conqueror:

“Because his name seems to be connected with the verb “to rebel” (mārad), tradition has identified him with tyrannical power. He was the founder of the earliest imperial world powers in Babylon and Assyria. The table [Genesis 10] simply presents him as a mighty hunter, a trait found commonly in Assyrian kings. He was founder of several powerful cities. The centers he established became major enemies of Israel.”

Micah 5:6

They will rule the land of Assyria (erets Asshur) with the sword,

the land of Nimrod (erets Nimrod) with drawn sword.

He will deliver us from the Assyrian (Asshur)

when he invades our land and marches into our borders …”

(Scholars tell us that Nimrod is King Hammurabi of Babylon)

Asur / Assur / Ashur Quotes From Texts

Ashur / Assur / Osiris = Marduk’s eldest son
national deity of Assyria, later was killed by his brother Seth

by the proclamation of Bel (Enlil) he has no rival;

he has destroyed the foeman of Asur.

May Asur (and) the great gods who have magnified my kingdom,

who have given increase and strength to my fetters,

(who) have ordered the boundary of their land to be enlarged,

cause my hand to hold their mighty weapons, even the deluge of battle…

the enemies of Assur (the city), I have conquered,

and their territories I have made submit …”


         “Through the violence of my powerful weapons,

         which Assur the lord gave for strength and heroism, …”


         “since Asur the lord has caused my hand to hold

         the mighty weapon which subdues the disobedient,

         and to enlarge the frontier of his country has commanded (me),…

         Asur the lord commanded (me) to march.

         My chariots and armies I assembled.

         The glory of Assur my lord overwhelmed them,

         and they descended and took my feet…

         The face of Assur my lord I caused them to behold …”


         “the temple of Beltis (Ninlil, Enlil’s spouse) the great wife,

         the favorite of Asur my lord, …”


        “In those days through the supreme power of Asur my lord …”


       Asur the lord urged me and I went.

        Difficult paths and trackless passes whose interior in former days

        no king at all had known, …”


         “Tiglath-pileser I

         Asur the great lord, the director of the hosts of the gods,

         the giver of the scepter and the crown, the establisher of the kingdom …”


         “the supreme governor whose weapons Asur has predestined,

         and for the government of the four zones …”


            “In the supreme power of Asur my lord

         against the land of Kharia and the widespread armies

         of the land of Qurkhi,—lofty mountain-ranges

         whose site no king at all

         had sought out—Asur the lord commanded (me)

           to march. My chariots and armies I assembled.”


         “In those days the temple of Anu and Rimmon (Adad) the great gods, my lords,

           which in former times Samas-Rimmon, the high-priest of Asur,

         the son of Isme-Dagon, the high-priest also of Asur,

         built, for 641 years went on decaying,— …”


         “May Asur (and) the great gods who have magnified my kingdom,

         who have given increase and strength to my fetters,

         (who) have ordered the boundary of their land

         to be enlarged, cause my hand to hold

         their mighty weapons (alien technologies),”


         Trusting in Asur my lord

         I assembled my chariots and armies.

         Thereupon I delayed not.”


        “since Asur the lord has caused my hand to hold

          the mighty weapon (alien technologies) which subdues the disobedient,

         and to enlarge the frontier of his country…”


           “the cities of Subarti which looked to

         the face of Asur my lord,

         heard of my march against the land of Subarti;

         the glory of my valor overwhelmed them;

         they avoided battle; my feet they took.,,”


         “their dwelling-place (the inhabitants) abandoned.

         To the ravines of the lofty mountains

         like birds they fled. The glory (alien technologies) of Assur my lord

         overwhelmed them, and they descended and took my feet.

         Tribute and offering I imposed upon them.



         At that time Assur the lord the proclaimer of my name,

         the magnifier of my sovereignty,

         his unsparing weapon to the hands of my lordship entrusted …”


            “Assur the Lord who proclaims my name and augments my Royalty…”


         “Prince who in the service of Assur and the Sun-god (Utu),

          the gods in whom he trusted, royally marched to turbulent lands,

          and Kings who had rebelled against him…”


          “in the service of Assur, the great god my Lord

          and the great Merodach (Marduk) going before me, by the powerful aid

          which the Lord Assur extended to my people,

          my servants and my soldiers I called together; to the vicinity

          of Babite I marched: the soldiers to the valor of their army trusted

          and gave battle: but in the mighty force

          of the great Merodach going before me (with alien technologies)

          I engaged in battle with them; I effected their overthrow;…”


         “Assur, mighty Lord, … hath added his invincible power to the forces of my government,

         putting me in possession of lands, and mighty forests for exploration

         hath he given and urgently impelled me – by the might of Assur my Lord,

         he cut off like grass…”


          “the fear of Assur my Lord

          overwhelmed the lands of Gilzanai and Khubuskai; horses, silver

          gold, tin, copper, kams of copper as their tribute they brought to me…”


          “By help of Assur and Yav (Adad)

           the great gods who aggrandize my royalty, chariots, (and) an army…”


         “the fear of the approach of Assur my Lord overwhelmed them;

          the great men and the multitudes of the city, for the saving of their lives,

          coming up after me, submitted to my yoke;…”


         “the king who has marched with justice in reliance on Assur

         and Samas (Utu / Shamash), 2 the gods his helpers…”


         “the warrior chief, who with the help of Assur (Osiris) his lord

           has marched, and among the princes of the four regions 1

         his rival has not had;…”


         “thy great deity is founded,

         and thou makest righteous his life, valiant, warrior,

         who in the service of Assur (Osiris) his Lord hath proceeded,

         and among the Kings of the four regions”


Asalim / Asari Quotes From Texts Asalim / Asari / Ashur = Osiris, Marduk’s eldest son

         “May Asari, the great ruler of the abzu (Enki’s family domain),

         who provides advice for all the foreign lands,

         the lordly one of Eridug (Eridu, Enki’s city) …”


        “at the command uttered by Enlil, Enki and Asalim,

        Zababa (Ninurta), Lugal-gu-dua, the king who builds temples, …”


         “he is the trustworthy farmer of the house of Asalim,

         who takes care that provisions do not cease in E-saj-ila …”

Ashtoreth Quotes From Texts

Ashtoreth / Ashur = Osiris, Marduk’s eldest son

         “And Horus said:

         ‘Advance, O Ra (Marduk)!

         Look for the enemies who are lying below, upon the land!’

         Then Ra, the Holy One, traveled forth;

         and Ashtoreth (Ashur / Osiris) was with him …”


The name Asari is similar to, if not the same as, Asshur, and in fact the Assyrians took the Enuma Elish” and substituted the name Assur” for “Marduk” throughout the text [3]:

O Asari, ‘Bestower of planting,’ ‘Founder of sowing’

         ‘Creator of grain and plants,’

         ‘who caused the green herb to spring up!’

         O Asaru-alim, “who is revered in the house of counsel,’

         ‘who aboundeth in counsel,’

         The gods paid homage, fear took hold upon them!

         O Asaru-alim-nuna, ‘the mighty one,’

         ‘the Light of the father who begot him,’

‘Who directeth the decrees of Anu, Bel (Enlil), and Ea (Enki)!’

         He was their patron, be ordained their…;

         He, whose provision is abundance, goeth forth’ …”

Nimrod’s origins, and those of the god Marduk, can be traced back to the early dynasties of ancient Sumer and to the cult center of Eridu which was the original city of Babylon [4]. After the fall of the Tower and after the division of the languages the memory of Nimrod was preserved in many different names. In the village of Kuara, very near to the city of Eridu, Nimrod was remembered as the god Asar-luhi. Here is a portion of a Sumerian “Hymn to Asarluhi“, in which the ‘Asar(Ashur / Osiris) figure is again equated with Marduk:

“August sage, firstborn son of Enki, he gives …… to all who are born.

Profoundly intelligent, as wise as his father, possessed of understanding,

Asarluhi (Marduk) penetrates everything…

Lordly son of the abzu, endowed with holy wisdom,

he is Marduk, the bringer of counsel.

Tall in stature, he can survey all the divine powers of heaven and earth …”


         “Son endowed with a broad understanding,

whose movement is that of an animal with large horns in the reed-beds; …”


Asarluhi, mighty deluge determining great fates,

unleashed and knowing no course whatsoever!

When great An shared out the divine powers for heaven and earth,

incantations fell to your lot.

Scanning all mankind with a glance, god of benign features,

with an attractive physique; most skilled metalworker,

creating masterpieces; counselor and judge,

whose word in the august sanctuary is unalterable

and whose character is sublime:

I shall exalt him in song and glorify his name …”


Eloquent one of the abzu, great minister of Eridug, lordly Asarluhi!

The enkum and ninkum priests, the abgal and abrig priests,

the …… priestesses and the ……

all pay attention when you open your holy mouth.

Daily as they go forth, they circumambulate (?) you.

Cleansing the purification rites with pure hands and pure tread,

holy in every respect, you are the

supervisor of the purification priests of E-abzu …”


Kuara, the beloved city which you have chosen in your heart,

lives in joy because of you.

The generous-hearted Prince (Enki) named you with the name Asarluhi. …”

Asarluhi is named as “son of the abzu” and “eloquent one of the abzu.” The “abzu” is simply the Sumerian word for “abyss” (watery lands, swamp lands). The most important temple in Eridug (Enki’s city on his drained swamp lands) was known as the E-abzu, or “Temple of the Abyss”, which was the cult center of the god Enki.