Earth Timeline From Zecharia Sitchin Nephilim Gods From Nibiru

The “Earth Chronicles” Time Chart

(by Zecharia Sitchin)


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(gods in bluemixed-breed demigods in teal…)



“When men began to increase in number on the earth

and daughters were born to them,

the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful,

and they married any of them they chose”…

The Nephilim were on earth in those days – and also afterward –

when the sons of God(s) went to the daughters of men and had children by them.

They were the heroes of old, men of renown”.

Sitchin’s Anunnaki Aliens On Earth, Historical Time-Line Of Events Years Ago

445,000 The Nefilim, led by Enki, arrive on Earth from the Twelfth Planet. Eridu, – Earth Station I,  is established in southern Mesopotamia.

430,000 The great ice sheets begin to recede. A hospitable climate in the Near East.

415,000 Enki moves inland, establishes Larsa.

400,000 The great interglacial period spreads globally. Enlil arrives on Earth, establishes Nippar as Mission Control Center. Enki establishes sea routes to southern Africa, organizes gold-mining operations.

360,000 The Nefilim establish Bad-Tibira as their metallurgical center for smelting and refining.

Sippar, the spaceport, and other cities of the gods are built.

300,000 The Anunnaki mutiny. Man, the “Primitive Worker”, is fashioned by Enki and Ninhursag.

250,000Early Homo sapiens” multiply, spread to other continents.

200,000 Life on Earth regresses during new glacial period.

100,000 Climate warms again. The sons of the gods take the daughters of man as wives.

77,000 Ubartutu / Lamech, a human of divine parentage, assumes the reign in Shuruppak under the patronage of Ninhursag.

75,000 The “accursation of Earth”, a new ice age begins. Regressive types of Man roam Earth.

49,000 The reign of Ziusudra (“Noah”), a “faithful” servant of Enki’s, begins.

38,000 The harsh climate period of the “seven passings” begins to decimate Mankind. Europe’s Neanderthal Man disappears; only Cro-Magnon Man (based in the Near East) survives.

13,000 The Nefilim, aware of the impending tidal-wave that will be triggered by the nearing Twelfth Planet, vow to let Mankind perish. The Deluge sweeps over Earth, abruptly ending the ice age.

Note: The time period of the last 432,000 years represents 120 shars of rule by the Anunnaki. One shar equals 3,600 years, or one Nibiru orbit.

Anunnaki’s physical reign on Earth ended 13,000 years ago with the Great Flood. Kings reigned in their place from then on, with instructions given, and occasional personal visits from the Anunnaki from time to time.