Inscriptions to Ningal for Ashurbanipal


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(gods in blue mixed-breed demigods in teal)



       For the goddess Ningal, queen of Ekišnugal, divine Ninmenna (“Lady-of-the-Crown”),

         beloved of Ur, his lady:


       Sîn-balāssu-iqbi, viceroy of Ur, built anew the Gipāru,

         the house of the supreme goddess, beloved wife of the god Sîn (Nannar).

         After he constructed a statue, a (re-)creation of the goddess Ningal,

         (and) brought it into the house of the wise god,

         she took up residence in Enun, (which was) built (to be) her lordly abode.



       For the goddess Ningal, august lady, queen of the goddesses, (most) valiant of the great gods:


       In order to ensure the good health of Ashurbanipal, king of Assyria, mighty king, (and) king of the world,

         his lord, Sîn-balāssu-iqbi, son of Ningal-iddin, viceroy of Ur, Eridu and the Gurasimmu (tribe),

         opened up (its) emplacement, (re)built (the well named) Puḫilituma, and established (it) for all time.

         He made inexhaustible spring water appear in it.


       With regard to any (future) prince who (re)opens this well,

         may his days be long (and) his offspring extensive!