Lugalbanda Quotes From Texts

Lugalbanda = Enmerkar & Urash’s (Ninhursag) son

Ninsun’s spouse


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(gods in bluemixed-breed demigods in teal…)


Enmerkar the son of Utu (Inanna’s twin), (father to Lugalbanda)…”


Lugalbanda, he of beloved seed, stretched his hand out (and said)

Like divine Shara (mixed-breed) am I, the beloved son of Inanna…”


       (Lugalbanda speaking:)

       Once upon a time my princely sister Inanna the pure summoned me

       in her holy heart from the mountains, had me enter brick-built Kulaba. …

       Inanna spoke to Lugalbanda the pure as she would speak to her son Lord Cara:...

       my princely sister Inanna the pure has run away from me back to brick-built Kulaba. …”


       “At that time there were seven, there were seven — the young ones, born in Kulaba, were seven.

       The goddess Urac (Ninhursag, Inanna is his mother) had borne these seven,

       the Wild Cow had nourished them with milk.

       They were heroes, living in Sumer, they were princely in their prime.

       They had been brought up eating at the god An’s (Anu) table….

       (King) Lugalbanda, the eighth of them,…”


       “his brothers and friends abandoned holy Lugalbanda in the mountain cave;

        and with repeated tears and moaning, with tears, with lamentation, with grief and weeping,

        Lugalbanda’s older brothers set off into the mountains…”


       Lugalbanda stepped into the midst of his brothers’ picked troops.

       His brothers chattered away, the troops chattered away.

       His brothers, his friends weary him with questions:

       ‘Come now, my Lugalbanda, here you are again!…’ …”