Nanshe’s (House in Sirara) – Temple Hymn

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature


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(gods in blue)


O house, wild cow ……, city which appears in splendor adorned for the princess,

Sirara, great and princely place, your …… by the shrine,

your lady Nanše, a great storm, a mighty flood, born on the shore of the sea,

who laughs on the foam of the sea, who plays on the water of the flood, who ……,

1e - Nanshe, goddess of birds & fish  (Nanshe, daughter to Enki, goddess of Persian Gulf birds & fishes)

Nanše, the …… lady, has erected a house in your precinct,

O house Sirara, and taken her seat upon your dais.

f490bc24768f3d0b7637245a26b854ba (Nanshe, giant alien goddess of birds & fishes)

10 lines: the house of Nanše (giant alien goddess) in Sirara.