Ninhursag’s (House in Kish) Temple Hymn

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature


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(gods in blue)


O mighty Keš (Kish), form of heaven and earth, arousing terror like a great horned viper,

house of Ninursaĝa (Ninhursag), built in a terrifying place!

Respected Keš, your interior is a deep interior while your exterior is tall.

4 - Ziggourat in Kishi-Kish-Kush (Kish mud-brick-built ziggurat / alien residence ruins, home of Ninhursag)

Great lion …… on the high plain and roving about on the plain,

great hill established by incantations, twilit interior in which moonlight does not shine,

Nintur (Ninhursag, King Anu’s daughter) has made you beautiful —

O house Keš, your brickwork and your molding of it!

Your terrace! Your exterior, a lustrous su crown, and your building of it!

Your princess, the silencing princess, the true and great lady of heaven —

when she talks heaven trembles, when she opens her mouth a storm thunders —

            Hathorix capital. Limestone, bas-relief from Paphos, Cyprus 80 x 44 x 24 cm AM 27552b - Ninhursag, Chief Medical Officer (young Ninhursag; Ninhursag with her failed attempts to fashion workers)

Aruru (Ninhursag), the (½) sister of Enlil, has erected a house in your precinct,

2a - Lagash in Mesopotamia (Earth’s 1st cities, established by giant alien gods)

O house Keš, and taken her seat upon your dais.

         13 lines: the house of Ninursaĝa (NInhursag) in Keš (Kish).