Ninimma Quotes From Texts

Ninimma = Enki & Ninkurra’s daughter


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(gods in blue)


        “Ninkura in turn gave birth to Ninimma.

          She brought the child up and made her flourish…”


         Ninimma in turn went out to the riverbank.

         Enki was towing his boat along and was able to see up there, …….

         He laid eyes on Ninimma on the riverbank and said to his minister Isimud:

         ‘Have I ever kissed one like this nice youngster?

         Have I ever made love to one like nice Ninimma?’

         His minister Isimud answered him:

          ‘My master will sail, let me navigate.

         He will sail, let me navigate.’

         First he put his feet in the boat, next he put them on dry land.

         He clasped her to the bosom, lying in her crotch, made love to the youngster and kissed her.

         Enki poured semen into Ninimma’s womb and she conceived the semen in the womb, the semen of Enki.

         To the woman its one month was but its one day,

         its two months were but its two days, its three months were but its three days,

         its four months were but its four days, its five months were but its five days,

         its six months were but its six days, its seven months were but its seven days,

          its eight months were but its eight days, and at its nine days,

         in the month of womanhood, like juniper oil, like juniper oil, like oil of abundance,

         Ninimma, like juniper oil, like oil of abundance, gave birth to Uttu, the exalted (?) woman…”


         “Let Ninmah (Ninhursag) act as your assistant; and let Ninimma, Cu-zi-ana, Ninmada, Ninbarag, Ninmug,

       ……  and Ninguna stand by as you give birth…”