Ninmarki’s (House in Guaba) – Temple Hymn

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature


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(gods in blue)


O E-ab-šaga-la (House which stretches over the midst of the sea) built in a holy place,

Gu-aba, your interior produces everything and is a well-established storehouse.

Holy shrine, wild cow for which everything endures,

your princess is Ninĝagia (unknown), the magnificent …… stewardess,

2 - Enlil, chief god of All On Earth (Enlil, King Anu’s son & heir, Anu’s Earth Colony Commander)

the mighty …… of father Enlil, who takes counsel with lord Nunamnir (Enlil).

Born in ……, …… in the flood of the sea, like her …… father a controller of the pure sea,

holy Ninmarki (Enki’s daughter) has erected a house in your precinct,

O house Gu-aba, and taken her seat upon your dais.

10 lines: the house of Ninmarki in Gu-aba.