Ninsikila Quotes From Texts

Ninsikila = Enki & Ninhursag’s daughter via Uttu Patron goddess of the paradise land of Dilmun


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(gods in blue)


        “‘My brother (Enki), what part of you hurts you?’

        ‘The locks of my hair (siki) hurt me.’

        She gave birth to Ninsikila out of it…”


       “He laid her down all alone in Dilmun,

       and the place where Enki had lain down with Ninsikila,

       that place was virginal, that place was pristine…”


        “Ninsikila said to her father Enki:

        ‘You have given a city. You have given a city.

        What does your giving avail me? You have given a city, Dilmun’…”


        “(Enki answered Ninsikila)

        ‘When Utu steps up into heaven,

        fresh waters shall run out of the ground for you

        from the standing vessels (?) on Ezen’s (?) shore,

        from Nanna’s (Nannar’s) radiant high temple,

        from the mouth of the waters running underground’…”


        “from Nanna’s (Nannar’s) radiant high temple,

        from the mouth of the waters running underground,

        fresh waters ran out of the ground for her.

        The waters rose up from it into her great basins.

        Her city drank water aplenty from them.

        Dilmun drank water aplenty from them…”


        “Ninsikila shall become lord of Magan,…”


        “He cleansed, purified the [land Di]lmun,

        Placed Ninsikilla in charge of it,…”


        “He cleanses and purified the kur-Dilmun, set Ninsikilla in charge of it…”



       “Nin-sikila was also instructed and she made large halub logs, ebony,

        and aba wood reach the ruler building the E-ninnu…”