Praise of Ashurbanipal (2)


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         Ashurbanipal, [great] king, [mighty king, king of the world], king of Assyria,

        king of the [four] quarters (of the world), [king of kings], prince who has no rival,

        who rules from [the Upper Sea to the] Lower [Sea] and [has subjugated] all [rulers];

        son of Esarhaddon, [great] king, [(mighty king), (king of the world),

        (king of Assyria), (viceroy of Babylon)], king of the land of Sumer and Akkad;

        [grand]son of [Sennacherib, (great king), mighty king], king of the world, king of Assyria, I —


          [I completed the work on Esagil] which (my) father who had engendered me had not [finished.

        I (re)confirmed] the regular offerings for Esagil [and the gods of Babylon.

        I (re-)established] the privileged status of B[abylon (and) appointed Šamas-šuma-ukīn, my favorite brother,

        to the kingship of Babylon in order that the strong might not harm] the weak.

        [(But) as for the one who … destroys my] royal ins[cription, or changes its position],

        may the god Ea (Enki), king of the Wat[ery Abyss (apsû), speak evil of him

        before the god Bēl (Marduk) (and) the goddess Bēltīia (Zarpanītu) (Sarpanit)

        and make] his name (and) his descendant(s) [disappear] from [the lands!]