Prayer to Marduk for Esarhaddon (108)


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(gods in blue mixed-breed demigods in teal)


        […] … […] … […] matter.

        They were afflicted by [thie]ving (and) murdering.

        They were stealing from [the po]or (and) giving to the mighty;

        there was oppression (and) the taking of bribes in the city.

        Every day, without ceasing, they stole goods from each other,

        a son cursed his father in the street, a slave […] to his owner,


        […] … [… His mood] became [furious.

        The Enlil] of the god[s, the lord of] the lands, plotted evilly to [scat]ter the land and people;

        his heart schemed to level the land and to destroy its people.

        A bitter curse was set in his mouth.


        Bad omens concerning the destruction of mankind occurred in heaven and on earth.


        […] … […]

        He (the god Marduk) brought about [the destruction] of the city (Babylon)

        and reed-marshes and poplars grew profusely in it and threw out many offshoots.

        There were birds of the heavens (and) fish of the apsû, without number, in it.

        […] … [good si]gn[s were established for me; in] heaven [and on earth],

        he (the god Marduk) constantly sent me his omen(s)

        concerning the (re)settl[ing of the city] and the renovat[ion of its] shrines.

        I mustered all of the craftsmen throughout Karduniaš (Babylonia).

        They cut down the trees and reeds with axes (and) tore out their roots.

        I diverted the waters of the Euphrates River, the washout, from its midst

        and (re)directed (them) to their previous channels.


        Let … […] be placed in [his] mouth;

        let him (the god Marduk) bless me with a blessing of long days

        (and) order the well-being of my reign forever.


        Ayyāru (II), accession year of Esarhaddon, king of Assyria.