Prayer to Marduk for Esarhaddon (110)


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(gods in blue mixed-breed demigods in teal)


          I placed [at their service the former ramku-priests, pašīšu-priests,

        (and) ecstatics], those initiated [in secret rites.

        I set] before them [purification priests], āšipu-priests, [lamentation priests],

        (and) singers, [who] have mastered (their) [entire cr]aft.


        [I built anew E]t[emenanki],

        [May the god Marduk and the goddess Zarpanītu (Sarpanit), the gods, my helpers],

        look with joy upon my good deeds and bless my kingship in their steadfast heart(s).

        [Let] the seed of my priestly office endure (along) with the foundations of Esagil (and) Babylon;

        let my [kingship] be sustaining [to the] people forever like the plant of life

        [so that I may shepherd their populace in truth] and justice; […] … […] basalt.

        The glory of the great [lord, my] l[ord], (and) the deeds I [had done] … […]