Prayer to Urash for Ashur-etil-ilani (3)


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(gods in blue mixed-breed demigods in teal)


        For the god Uraš (Anu), august lord, fore most of the great gods of E-ibbi-Anum —

         the shrine (which is) worthy of honor — great lord, his lord:

        Aššur-etel-ilāni, king of Assyria, who renovated the shrine(s) of the great gods,

         son of Ashurbanipal, king of Assyria, shepherd of the black-headed,

         renovated E-ibbi-Anum, the holy place which is inside Dilbat (ancient city),

         the abode of the god Uraš and the goddess Ninegal (Inanna, mistress to Anu when he visits Earth).

         He (re)built (it) anew with baked bricks, the product of the god Baḫar (unidentified) and,

         with regard to the foundation of the well,

         he (re-)established its position as (it had been) in ancient times.


        For future days he cleaned this entire wall (in order to make its water as pure)

         as (that of) the Tigris and <Euphrates> rivers, and he established its water for the meals of the great gods.

         That water should be brought every day in good time for (their) meals.

         May they say good things about Aššur-etel-ilāni, the king, their favorite,

         to the deities Nabû, Marduk, Uraš (Anu), and Ninegal (Inanna), who dwell in that temple.


        May his reign be long!