Zababa’s (House in Kish) Temple Hymn

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature


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(gods in blue)


2b - Kish ruins, where kingship was born (Kish ruins, Ninhursag’s patron city)

O house built in plenitude,

Kiš (Kish), raising its head among the princely divine powers (alien technologies),

established settlement, your great foundation cannot be scattered.

Your plinth is a vast oppressive cloud floating in the midst of the sky.

Your interior is a weapon, a mace decorated with …….

Your right hand makes mountains tremble, your left thins out the enemy.

Your prince, mighty and magnificent, a great storm overpowering the earth,

inspiring great and terrifying awe, your sovereign,

5c - Ningirsu of Lagash grasps enemy in a net Cylinder seal and imprint, Neo-Babylonian, 612-539 BCE. A man or deity subduing a lion. Chalcedony, H: 3,6 cm AO 22353 (Enlil’s warrior son Ninurta; Ninurta)

the warrior Zababa (Ninurta), has erected a house in your precinct,

O E-dub (Storage house),

O house Kiš, and taken his seat upon your dais.

8 lines: the house of Zababa in Kiš (Kish).