Nina Quotes From Texts

Nina = Enki & Ninhursag’s daughter via Uttu

goddess of Oracles


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(gods in bluemixed-breed demigods in teal)


        O Nina, Hea’s (Enki’s) daughter! Zi!…


       “may the goddess Ninâ the mistress of interpretations,…”


        “For the goddess Ninâ, the lady of destinies (?), the lady of oracles (?),

        for his lady, Gudea the patesi of Shirpurla

        has made the dedicatory inscriptions (?).

        In Ninâ-ki, her favorite city, her temple of E-ud-mâ-Ninâ-ki-tag

        which rises from the Kur-ê he has constructed…”


        “For the goddess Ninâ, the lady of destinies (?), the lady of oracles (?),

        for his mistress, Dungi (King Shulgi) the puissant prince, the king of Ur,

        the king of Shumer and Accad, the temple of E-shish-shish-e-ma-ra,

        her favorite temple, has constructed…”


        “he (Ur-Nanshe) has erected.

       The temple of the goddess Ninâ


        “may the goddess Nin-marki the eldest daughter of the goddess Ninâ...


        “For the goddess Nin-mar-ki (Enki’s daughter), the good lady,

        the eldest daughter of the goddess Niná


        “En-anna-tumma, the patesi Of Shirpurla-ki,

        the chosen of the heart of the goddess Ninâ,

        the great patesi of the god Nin-girsu (Ninurta),

        the son of Entena the patesi of Shirpurla-ki…”


        “By harvesting, the men of Umma had eaten one storehouse-full

        of the grain of Nina [goddess of Oracles], the grain of Ningirsu;…”


         “Urlumma, ruler of Umma drained the boundary canal of Ningirsu, the boundary canal of Nina;…”


         Ili, ruler of Umma, wickedly flooded the dyked and irrigated field;

         he commanded that the boundary canal of Ningirsu; the boundary canal of Nina be ruined….

         Enlil and Ninkhursag did not permit [this to happen].

         Entemena, ruler of Lagash, whose name was spoken by Ningirsu,

         restored their canal to its place according to the righteous word of Enlil,

         according to the righteous word of Nina,…”


         Ur-Bau (mixed-breed), the patesi of Shirpurla-ki,

         the offspring begotten by the god Nin-âgal (Enki’s son),…

         chosen by the immutable will of the goddess Niná,…”