(gods in bluemixed-breed demigods in teal)

Enkidu = Ninhursag’s creation)


2b - Ninhursag & Enki in lab 2e - Ninhursag & DNA experiments6g - Ninmah - Ninhursag

. Ninhursag = Sumerian Lady of the Mountainhead”, inKec” (Kish)

. Ninursaga = Babylonian

. Aruru = Babylonian, “her city Irisajrig”

. Nintud, the “Lady who gives birth”, the “Lady who spreads her knees”

. Nintur / Nintu = Assyrian

. Ninmah = (“Great Lady”, many other pet names)

. Ninmena 

. Belet-ili 

. Hathor = Egyptian

. Demeter = Greek

. Ceres = Roman


. Mami = Wise Birth Goddess”, midwife of the gods, maker of the Model Man

          . Mammu = the forerunner of mom, or mamma

. Mother of the GodsBirth Mother”


. daughter to King Anu & concubine Nammu, born on home planet Nibiru

. ½ sister to Enlil, King Anu’s heir & Earth Colony Commander

. twin sister to Enki by Anu & Nammu / Urash

. sister to Bau by Anu & Nammu / Urash


. Kish was her patron city – Medical Science Center

. E-mah (Great house”) temple to Ninhursanga in Adab.


. Chief Medical Officer on Nibiru, & then Earth

. Enki’s partner in the creation ofAdapa”, “Model Man” “Adama”, “of Earth’s soil”“the worker”, modified advanced species, capable of properly replacing the Anunnaki workers – Biblical Adam & descendants


. 1st goddess of Venus, later given to Inanna

. Virgo is Ninhursag’s zodiac sign

. Her symbol is the “umbilical chord cutter”, as pictured above

          . the tool used to cut the umbilical chord of gods & modified earthlings

          . the Greek “omega” symbol

          . the electrical symbol for “ohms”, & other things


Ninhursag’s Sons:

     Martu, son by King Anu, making him a son & a brother

     Ninurta, a son of the “double seed”, fathered by Enlil, next in line for their royal throne

     Nusku, a son with Enlil

     Abu, a son by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Nintulla, a son by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Enshag, a son by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

Ninhursag’s Daughters:


     Ninsar, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag

     Ninkurra / Nindurra, a daughter by Enki & Ninsar

     Ninimma, a daughter by Enki & Ninkurra

     Uttu, a second daughter by Enki & Ninkurra, sometimes by Enki & Ninimma

     Nanshe / Nazi, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Ninsutu, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu, possible 2nd name for one of the others

     Ninkasi, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Azimua, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Ninti, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Nina, a daughter by Enki & Ninhursag via Uttu

     Ninmarki, a daughter by Enki & Nina


Ninhursag’s DNA Fashioned Mixed-Breed Creation:


      Adapa/Adam, a son to Enki, via genetic engineering by Ninhursag & Ningishzidda    

          (plus 50,000 years of failed fashioning attempts prior to success,  Adapa)


          Ninhursag’s DNA Fashioned Creature Creation:

                     Enkidu, a creation fashioned to become travel companion to King Gilgamesh

She received the name by which she was more widely known, NIN.HUR.SAG, following the Deluge, when she was granted the region which is today known as the Sinai Peninsula.