“ Assembly of the Gods” – 12 Royal Anunnaki Family Members; King Anu & Selected Descendants

(ANU + ANTUKing & Queen, royal rulers of Nibiru)

The 12 main royal family of gods from Nibiru, & their ranking order numbers


        1)King Anuranking #60

         2) ½ sister-spouse Antu#55

        . At least 21 divine couples preceded Anu as king of Planet Nibiru

          . chief of Heaven and Earth

          . father to the “sons of God” who came down to Earth

        . Anu’s symbol is the 8-pointed star, ancient Hebrew symbol for God

        . Anu’s patron city-state was Uruk / Biblical “Erech”

        . Anu’s temple – residence while on Earth was in Uruk, called “E.Anna”, “house of An

        . Anu’s heavenly abode is an artificial garden sculptured in semi-precious stones

          . gateway to Anu once flanked by Tammuz / Dumuzi and Gizzida / Ningishzidda – his young descendants

        . Anu’s throne room is the place of “The Assembly of the Gods”

        . son Enlil sits on the right of Anu; son Enki sits on the left side of Anu at the “Assembly of the Gods”

        . Anu had 6 concubines and 80 offspring, 14 by Antu as their

               1 – Prime Minister

               3 – Commanders in Charge of the Mu’s (rocket ships)

               2 – Commanders of the Weapons

               2 – Great Masters of the Written Knowledge

               1 – Master of the Purse

               2 – Chief Justices

               2 – “Who With Sound Impress”

                  2 – Chief Scribes, (with 5 asst. scribes)

        . Anu was visited in heaven by Inanna / Ishtar at least twice, also Dumuzi, Ningishzidda, Adapa, Kings Etana, Tyre, Enmeduranki, & others, such as Biblical Enoch


        2 - Enlil, chief god of All On Earth

     3) Enlil, son & heir to the king via Antu – ranking #50

       4) spouse Ninlil / Sud – ranking #45

       . Enlil was banished to the “Lower World” for raping Sud / Ninlil, who later married him, his crimes then forgiven

       . heir to father Anu, and son to Anu’s official sister-wife Antu, born on Nibiru of the “double seed”, placing him next to be king, even before older brother Enki

       . Lord Commander of Earth Colony – Chief Executive to the “Assembly of the Gods”

       . founder of the “Garden of Eden” in Sumer / Mesopotamia / Southern Iraq

       . Larsa was Enlil’s 1st patron city-state, built 2nd, later he moved inland to Nippar

       . Nippar was built 3rd – “Mission Control Center”, the communication “Bond Between Heaven and Earth”

       . Enlil’s temple – residence in Nippur was named “E.Kur”, “House Which is Like a Mountain”

         . overseer of purifying the gold taken from the “Abzu” – “Lower World”

       . Enlil had son Ninurta with his ½ sister Ninhursag / Ninmah / Ninti, who was born of the “double-seed” law of succession, & therefore to be Enlil’s heir

       . Enlil and Ninlil had 2 main sons together, Nannar & Adad, plus others…

       . Enlil is accredited with giving mankind agriculture, sheep, etc., in Eden

       . Enlil gave the final approval for kingship to be “lowered from heaven”, & established high-priests & high-priestesses (positions of authority over earthlings for the giant mixed-breed offspring of the gods, therefore acting as go-betweens)

       . after Noah, Enlil decided gods would no longer mix with earthlings, their years will be only one hundred and twenty


     Ninurta, next heir to King Anu following father Enlil, assigned the number of Enlil as his heir

          . #50, when he steps into the “Enlilship” / rulership, spouse Bau will then be #45

        . Ninurta was born on Nibiru. he & Marduk were only ones from that generation born there, the younger were born on Earth

        . Ninurta married Bau / Gula, King Anu’s daughter, father Enlil’s ½ sister, & his own aunt

        . Ninurta’s 1st patron city-state was Larak, the 5th city built, “Lord who completes the foundation       

        . Ninurta battled & shot down Zu / Anzu retrieving the “Tablets of Destines” stolen from father Enlil, technologies needed to command

        . Ninurta & cousin Nergal nuked Marduk’s patron cities, brought down Marduk’s Tower of Babel in Borsippa, & confused their tongue –

        . he & Inanna, with help of others, again defeated Marduk in the battle of the pyramids

        . usurper Marduk imprisoned by Enlilites within the Great Pyramid, & was left there to die

         . Lagash was later a patron city-state of Ninurta’s, with a temple-residence

        . another patron city-state was Nimrud, with a temple – residence there

        . Ninurta’s symbol is the double-headed eagle, very much still in use

        . Ninurta was in charge of Cain, banished to the east of E.din / Eden

         3b - Enki image

       5) Enki / Ea, King Anu’s eldest & wisest son via a concubine – ranking #40

       6) spouse Ninki / Damkina, ex-king Alalu’s daughter – ranking #35

        . son of Anu & Urash, a concubine, born on Nibiru

        . wisest of the gods, wrote his own biography, tales of his contributions to Earth       

        . master engineer, keeper of the ME’s (discs of knowledge)

        . god over the “Waters”, ruler of the Abzu (marshlands of Persian Gulf)

        . builder of ships, mined the gold in South Africa, shipped it bulk to Enlil

        . at first the moon eclipse was Enki’s symbol, later discarded as Nannar / Sin took on the moon crescent symbol

        . a watery god 1/2 fish-1/2 man named Dagan was once used as his symbol (Enki in a wet suit)

        . Enki’s patron city was Eridu, the 1st city built, “Place of the Water”, his temple – residence was there

        . Enki / E.A. “he whom home is water”, is accredited with forming the rivers and draining the marshlands

        . Enki rivaled his younger ½ brother Enlil for Earth’s Command, etc., as King Anu’s heir he was once promised through his arranged marriage to Alalu’s daughter Damkina / Ninki, for the agreed upon compromise to gain planet Nibiru unity

        . Enki had six main sons – Marduk, Nergal, Ninagal, Gibil, Thoth, Dumuzi, & many others

        . Enki, sister Ninhursag, & son Ningishzidda genetically altered Homo erectus, giving him the “Tree of Knowledge”

        . he provided his DNA for the fashioning of modern man, spouse Ninki carried baby Adapa up to the 10th month

        . they made the mold to “Model Man” – “Adapa” – who would then reproduce

        . Enki used “Model Man’s” descendants as “Workers” in the gold mines of South Africa, Enlil used them in Eden

        . he genetically altered early man a second time to allow procreation of the new “Mighty Man” mixed-breed giant

        . Enki had sex with the “Daughters of Man”, at the disgust of Enlil, then many others did the same

        . he saved mankind from Enlil’s complete extermination, helping his son, the mixed-breed Mighty Man Ziusudra (Sumerian), Utnapishtim (Akkadian), Altra-Hasis (Babylonian), Noah (Hebrew), survive the devastating floodwaters

        . he is accredited with giving mankind animal domestication, construction, metallurgy, ship building, & much more

         3aa - Nanna & his symbol

       7) Nanna / Nannar / Sin / El, King Anu’s grandson via Enlil – ranking #30

       8) spouse Ningal – ranking #25 “Great Lady

        . eldest son of the ruling couple Enlil & Ninlil, born on Earth

        . full older brother to Adad, younger ½ brother to Ninurta

        . Sin had twins with spouse Ningal, Utu / Shamash & Inanna / Ishtar, a boy and a girl

        . also produced son Papsukal & daughter Ereshkigal, goddess of the Under World

        . the moon’s crescent was Nannar / Sin / El’s symbol, still very much in use

        . Nannar was god over his patron city-state Ur, home of Biblical Abraham

        . Nannar’s temple-residence in Ur was called Egishnugal “House of the Seed of the Throne

        . Biblical Terah, Abraham’s father, was once high-priest of Nannar’s temple-residence (ziggurat) in Ur

          . Ur was abandoned when toxic fall-out came by way of the “terrible winds

        . Nannar became ill from the fall-out, retired, & his son Utu assumed the Moon Crescent Symbol

        . Ur’s high-priest Terah, Abraham’s father, led the flight from Ur to Harran following his god Nannar / Sin El, the Biblical name for God

        . Harran was built as an exact replica of Ur, and Sin was made its deity, Biblical Jacob, standing outside Harran, saw a ladder with cargo carried up to Heaven & cargo carried down to Earth

        . a favored high priestess of Sin produced a mixed-breed son with god Nabu named Nabunaid, he built a temple to Sin, & was commander of the Babylonian armies, ruler of Sippar, Utu’s patron city-state

         2a - Utu, Shamash, twin to Inanna

      9) Utu / Shamash / Allah, King Anu’s great-grandson via Enlil > Nannarranking #20

          . Utu is son to Nannar & Ningal, grandson to Enlil, nephew to Adad, twin to Inanna

          . married Aya / Aia, she was not given a ruling number

          . Utu is heir to Nannar / Sin

          . brother to Ereshkigal, queen of the “Lower World

          . Shamash:The Shining One”, “The Sun

          . Utu’s patron city-state was Sippar, the 6th city built, “Land of the Missiles”, his temple – residence was there

          . Utu the Commander of “The Space Port

          . Utu the Commander of the “Eagles” / pilots carrying cargo to & from planet Nibiru

          . Utu’s temple – residence was Ebabbar, “Shining House” in Sippar

          . Utu’s Supreme Court was located in his patron city, Sippar

          . the great lawgiver, wise one, protector of travelers

          . Shamash’s symbol was the Sun, but upon father Nannar’s retirement, the Moon’s Crescent was given to Utu as his new symbol

          . Cancer is Utu’s Zodiac sign

          . mixed-breed son Meskiaggasher, of a mixed-breed mother, was 1st semi-divine giant king of Uruk / Biblical Erech

        1c - war dressed Ishtar atop lion - Leo

      10) Inanna / Ishtar, King Anu’s great-granddaughter via Enlil > Nannar ranking #15

        . “Anunitum” “Beloved of Anu

        . daughter to Nannar & Ningal

        . twin to Utu, granddaughter to Enlil, mistress to King Anu (great-grandfather) when visiting Earth

        . sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the Lower World”, married Enki’s son Nergal

          . stole 100 divine formulas from a drunken grand-uncle Enki

        . Inanna married Dumuzi, youngest son to Enki, he had no ruling number

          . the title “Goddess of Love and War” given to Inanna due to her many giant mixed-breed king lovers, & due to her continued desire for war against her cousin Marduk & others

          . also known as Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Astarte, Anat, & so on

          . naked Inanna image on many stelea, statues, & rock carving artifacts

        . ruled Aratta, then Uruk, the patron city-state of Anu, was given to Inanna

        . she was once refused sex by Gilgamesh, Uruk’s 5th king, causing him a problem

          . Leo is her Zodiac sign

        . well known pilot with many depictions of her flying around in her MU (sky-ship) given by Anu, wearing the 7 MEs given by Enlil

         3 - Adad with divine weapons

      11) Adad / Ishkur, King Anu’s grandson via Enlil ranking #10

       . son of Enlil & Ninlil, brother to Nannar / Sin, nephew to Enki

       . younger ½ brother to Ninurta, uncle to Utu & Inanna

       . deity of the mountain lands north & west of Mesopotamia

       . known as the thunder god, depicted standing upon Taurus the Bull holding lightning & thunder

       . married Shala / Hebat, Anu’s daughter, she has no ruling number

       . father to god Sarruma

       . father to mixed-breed King Ur-Ninurta “…… may …… be his helper. …… the son of Ickur (Ishkur / Adad)…”

       . father to mixed-breed King Amar-Suen / Bur-Suen “the son of Ickur (Ishkur / Adad)…whom you have called by name, Bur-Suen…”

         2e - Ninhursag & DNA experiments

       12) Ninhursag / Ninmah / Ninti, King Anu’s eldest & wisest daughter via concubine Nammu – ranking #5

         . Ninhursag, “Lady of the Mountainhead”, born on planet Nibiru

         . daughter of Anu & Urash / Nammu, a concubine to King Anu

         . sister to Enki, Bau, Martu, & others, older ½ sister to Enlil

         . had children with both Enlil (boy Niburta), & Enki (many girls & boys)

         . son Ninurta becomes Enlil’s heir to the crown, born of the “double seed”

         . her patron city-state was Kish, Medical Center of Sumer

         . chief nurse, “Lady of the Rib”, Mammu / Mamma / Mami / Mom

         . worked with Enki & Ningishzidda to create Adapa, “Model Man”

         . her symbol became the umbilical chord cutter, the Greek letter omega, also ohm

         . Virgo is her Zodiac sign


Note: The highest ruling number in the Anunnaki system is #60, held by King Anu.

#60’s successor is the one holding the ruling rank of #50, (Enlil)

The female, sometimes a spouse, is usually given the next lesser number divisible by 5.

There are 6 male deities and 6 female deities among the ruling numbered twelve positions in the “Assembly of the Gods”.

All those in the “Assembly of Gods” are descendants of King Anu’s royal bloodline