Man’s Basics to Modern Technology – 1st in Sumer (M-Z) Slide-Show:

Medical Care, Slide-Show:


(gods in bluemixed-breed demigods in teal)

Medical Care Quotes From Texts:


Metallurgy – Currency, Tools, Weapons, Etc. Texts:


Mining, Slide-Show:

Music & Instruments, Slide-Show:

Pottery, Slide-Show:

Printing Press & Copy Machine, Slide-Show:

Religion, Temples, High-Priests, & High-Priestesses, Slide-Show:

Religion, Temples, High-Priests, & High-Priestesses Texts:


Schools, Education of the Young, Slide-Show:

Shipping, Slide-Show:

Sky-Discs, Slide-Show:

Sky-Disc Quotes From Texts:


Sports, Slide-Show:

Weaving & Spinning Thread, Slide-Show:

Weaving Quotes From Texts:


Wars of Gods & Men, Slide-Show:

Wars of Gods & Men Texts:


Weights & Measures, Slide-Show:

Writing & Scribes, Slide-Show:

Writing & Scribes Texts:


Other Anunnaki Information:




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